Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do you know these 12 signs of cancer?

Do you know these 12 signs of cancer?
While any abnormality that interferes with your day to day
activities need medical attention, I thought of some serious
symptoms that you may be overlooking in your daily life.
1. Fever
A persistent fever definitely means something wrong. It is not a
primary symptom of cancer and should not be a cause for panic. But
it cannot be ignored as it is a sign of infection.
2. Unintentional Weight Loss
It is not normal to lose a few kilos when you did not have a
particular change in your lifestyle. Surprising fluctuations in
your weight is not a good sign though it is not a direct to cancer
3. Bowel changes
Repeated upset stomach as in diarrhea, stool with blood etc need to
be diagnosed.
4. Abdominal Pain
Though not often a reason for long term worry, abdominal or pelvic
pains, cramping and swelling can indicate ulcers or even cancer.It
goes along with bloating as a symptom of ovarian cancer or leukemia.
5. Vaginal Abnormalities
As a woman, you should never ignore vaginal problems like sores,
blisters or abnormal discharge. Regular examination is necessary to
observe any abnormalities.
6. Persistent Lower Back Pain
Ovarian cancer may also manifest in the form of back pain that does
not respond to any kind of treatment. So never ignore it.
7. Swollen Lymph Nodes
Do not overlook any bump or lump especially under the arms, on the
neck or in the groins.
8. Breast and Nipple Changes
A swollen, hot or irritated breast, reddish discolorisation, an
inside turned out or flattened nipple should be taken seriously.
9. Fatigue
Fatigue is a common problem in almost all age groups in these days
characterised by stress and malnutrition. But unusual fatigue and
insomnia should be looked in to.
10. Rectal Bleeding.
It is not always the hemorrhoids or a bleeding piles that is the
cause for blood in stools. It could mean colorectal cancer too.
11. Bleeding Between Periods
It is very like to be misdiagnosed or overlooked but excessive
bleeding between the periods or during the periods needs to be
checkedout as they may indicate endometrial or uterine cancer.
12. A Facial Disfigurement or Swelling
A puffy, swollen face that is red can be a sign of lung cancer in a
few. Obstructed blood flow due to cancerous tumours of the lung can
be the cause.

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