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Health - Treat Nail Fungus the Natural Way

How to Treat Nail Fungus the Natural Way

Nail fungus is a common phenomenon, which becomes more and more common with age. It usually starts with the toenails and after a few years, may spread to the fingernails as well. 
The fungus grabs on to the meat beneath the fingernail and the deeper layers of skin, quickly spreading and sprouting deep roots. Once that happens, the nail becomes itchy and painful, gives a bad odor and starts scaling over. 
Although conventional medicine offers a few complex solutions to this problem, there are also more natural ways you can deal with it. 
What IS nail fungus? how do you catch it and what is the best way to treat it? We've asked a few experts and this is what they recommended.

A fungus, generally, is one of the most stubborn of infections. Most people view the problem as only cosmetic, and so they avoid treating it and run the risk of complications. Although the fungus infection itself isn't dangerous, it could lead to further infections of the area, and the nail can become a breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, the skin around the fungus may become inflamed and, in many cases, the damaged nails could fall off and leave the area exposed and sensitive to the touch.
Who is likely to suffer from nail fungus?

People who work around water (cooks, cleaners, people who work in the garden...) may suffer a fungal infection called Candida. In these cases, the skin around the nail will become red and inflamed, and the damage to the nails will begin at their base. The same infection can happen when we walk barefoot in public places, such as on the floor of the shared showered in the gym, or from not cleaning our feet. Many people have said that the nail fungus appeared after a manicure/pedicure, an unbalanced nutrition that is rich in sugars, diseases related to a weak immune system, as well as a candida infection in the digestion system.

So, for instance, chemotherapy sessions may cause the appearance of nail fungus, as well as long use of antibiotics or steroids, that destroy the friendly bacteria in our bowels, clearing the way for the fungi to flourish.

What is the connection between candida and nail fungus?

nail fungus
Candida is one of the main causes of foot fungus. This is a type of yeast that exists in our bowels, along with many other micro-organisms that help digest the food and absorb its nutrients. Nutrition that encourages the development of years (such as flour and simple sugars) as well as using materials that kill pro-biotic bacteria in the guys, such as antibiotics and steroids, may cause the overgrowth of candida in the bowels, and as a result, fungi could develop in various parts of the body, inciting various symptoms such as  tiredness, hair falling out and a desire for sweets. That is why a full treatment should include a balanced and nutritious diet.

Natural treatment of nail fungus:

Anti-fungal nutrition includes avoiding foods that contain simple sugars and alcohol, as these foods encourage the development and growth of fungi. Experts emphasize that it is extremely important to consume fresh and nutritious foods such as vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fish. Also, it's important to drink plenty of water to allow the body to wash the fungi and toxins out of the body.

Preventative measures

- Thorough wiping of wet feet
- Clipping your toenails regularly
- Wearing cotton socks that absorb sweat
- Avoiding walking barefoot in public places
- Airing out the feet often (especially during the night)
Herbs and natural solutions

One of the natural solutions our experts have recommended isZETACLEAR, a unique complex of herbal plants, designed to treat nail fungus. It is mostly based on plant oils from the amazonas, and derives its power and quality from the facts that this vegetation grows on virgin and wild earth, without human touch. Zetaclear is not only useful to treat the fungus itself, but also for renewing the irritated skin around it (this in contradiction to most treatment solutions). In addition, it encourages the regrowth of skin and nail cells.

The active ingredients of Zetaclear:

Jojoba oil: The jojoba oil overcomes dryness and oxidation of the skin. It also contains many antioxidants that fight the free radicals that damage your body.

Lemongrass oil: Known for its ability to rehabilitate cells and improve irregularities in the digestion system. This plant has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, it can rehabilitate the walls of bowels damaged by candida. When the walls of the bowel are harmed in this way, many important nutrients may leak our of the bowel, and this plant helps strengthen them and defend the digestive system.

Clove oil: Acts as a disinfectant, an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. It also helps create a layer of protection over the inflamed tissue.

Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is an extract from a plant native to Australia and has been used as a topical treatment by the Aboriginal people for centuries. The oil is beneficial for skin conditions and is a powerful anti-infections and anti-inflammation agent. 

Many doctors recommend using tea tree oil even by itself for treating nail fungus, as it is very potent.

Vitamin E oil: Vitamin E plays a vital role in the body's function, especially when it comes to cholesterol reduction and neuronal protection. It is used to protect the skin and fix damages. Even used alone, it can help cure mild cases of nail fungus within a few months.

Undecylenic acid:  is a fatty acid that works by preventing fungus from growing on the skin. It does this by preventing the conversion of yeast to a more developed form by interfering with its chemical system. 

The combination of these strong natural agents are what make Zetaclear the most powerful natural solution for nail fungus on the market today.
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