Monday, August 25, 2014

Top crazy facts about 2014 general elections

Top crazy facts about 2014 general elections

Despite the fact that these elections make a new political battleground for the parties contesting to be in power, they make a historic reason in the history of Indian democracy for many reasons. For the first time in history – elections have been fought more with and on social media than with ballot boxes on polling booth.
To keep you updated further, here are some interesting facts about 2014 General Elections that we think every Indian must know:
1)      Over 800 million Indians are eligible to vote in 2014 general elections – that is 100 million more than the last general elections held in 2009. The figure is so big that they are almost equivalent to thrice the total population of USA.

2)      168 million – or about 20 percent of the total eligible voters – are voting for the first time in their life.

3)      For the first time in history, Indian voters can register themselves as transgendered. They can now vote under ‘third sex’ or ‘others’ as a category that didn’t exist in the last elections.

4)      In Gujarat’s Gir forest, government has set up a polling booth that has been manned by five people for just one voter – Mahant Bharatdas. New York Times has declared him as the most privileged voter of Indian general election 2014.

5)      It is reported that around 10 million officials – more than the total population of New Zealand, Singapore or even Switzerland – will be working behind the general elections to make sure everything goes smooth.

6) The election is expected to cost about INR 3,500 crore, which is 250 percent more than the previous elections took place in 2009. First general election in 1952 cost only about INR 10.45 crore in total.
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