Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10 Golden Rules for Protecting Your Bones!

Osteoporosis is a disease that damages the bones, weakens them and makes them brittle and breakable. There is a significant decrease in bone density, and this causes the bone to weaken and increases the risk of fractures.

Our bones are always building and breaking down bone tissue, when the balance between building and breaking is changed, then the bone density goes down. With age, this problem has a horrible way of increasing in occurrence.

Before you are 10 Golden Rules for the treatment and prevention of decreasing bone density:

1. Yes, you guessed it - Physical activity.
Physical activity, besides being the best thing you can do for yourselves, helps the bones become denser by putting pressure on them, which may prevent the disease to begin with. We recommend using weights.

2. Increase your calcium intake -
Good sources: Green leaves, soy, sardines, broccoli and nuts. Regular bovine milk isn't that good a source of calcium because of its low absorption rate.

3. Increase your omega 3 intake -
These fatty acids can be found in flax seeds of fish: Salmon, cod, and halibut - and are essential to keeping your bones strong.

4. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake - 
Sorry, but coffee and alcohol 'release' calcium from the bones and damage the hormonal balance in the body important to keep them strong.

5. Reduce red meat -
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