Thursday, November 6, 2014

8 Common Vegetarian Foods that are Actually Non-Veg- OMG!

8 Common Vegetarian Foods that are Actually  Non-Veg- OMG!


If you're a vegetarian and are blindly trusting what you eat just because the ingredient list doesn't mention any non-veg ingredients, you need a reality check. Many foods, considered vegetarian actually contain traces of non-veg food. Though there are substitutes available for the non-veg used, they are still not popular or widely used. So the next time you crave one of these foods, your best bet would be to confirm if they are actually "vegetarian".


1. Salad Dressings

2. Soups

3. Cheese

4. Jelly

5. Beer/Wine

6. Oils

7. Naan

8. White Sugar

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