Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Interesting statistics

The world's hottest place: Death Valley National Park  The highest air temperature ever recorded on Earth was 134 degrees Fahrenheit, at Death Valley National Park on July 10, 1913.  [VIA DISTRACTIFY]
The world's coldest place: East Antarctic Plateau  On the high ridge of the East Antarctic Plateau, the temperature can drop to as low as -135.8 degrees Fahrenheit, recorded in August, 2010.
World's most populated  city: Shanghai  At a whopping 24,150,000 permanent inhabitants, Shanghai is the single city that is home to the most people in the  world.
World's least populated city: Vatican City  With a paltry population of 842, the  city-state of Vatican City is the smallest city and state in the world.
World's wealthiest city: Tokyo  That tower might as well be made of gold,  since Tokyo tops the charts with a GDP of $1,520 billion (only beating New York by a mere $310 billion).
World's poorest city: Kinshasa   Kinshasa is probably the poorest city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the poorest country in the world, at a GDP of $55 billion. Many of its residents live on less $1 a day.
Highest point in the world: Mount  Everest  Towering 29,029 feet in the air, the top of Mount Everest is the closest you can get to touching space, while still standing on Earth.
Lowest point in the world: Challenger Deep  The lowest known natural point in the world is  Challenger Deep, 35,797 ft below sea level at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Only three people have ever made it to the bottom, one of which was filmmaker James Cameron.
Most  photographed place: The Guggenheim  Photos have always told stories, but in today's world of cell phone cameras and social media, that story is relayed as data to companies who monitor everything we do. Geotagged
data was culled by Sightsmap using a Google-based image sharing software, and can now show us the most photographed places in the world, right down to the landmark. The Winner? The Guggenheim in New York.
The world's most popular country: Germany  The results of  the annual BBC World Country Rating  Poll are in, and Germany came out on top as the most positively viewed country  in the world among people probably under the age of 85 (at a 59% positivity rating).
The wettest spot on Earth: Mawsynram, India  Rainwise,
anyway. In Mawsynram, India, it rains an  average of 467.35 inches per year, and with a record of 1000 inches in 1985.
The driest spot on Earth: The Atacama Desert  The 600 miles of South America's Atacama desert is the driest place on Earth, no contest. The Desert sees an average of 4 inches of rain  every thousand years. Yes, you read that right.
Sunniest Place on Earth: Yuma, Arizona  In Yuma, Arizona, the sun shines for an average of 11 hours a day. Its forecast is sun for 90 percent of the year,  averaging  a total of 4015 daylight hours a year.
Most expensive city to live in: Singapore  The new champion of the world, Singapore has recently beat out Tokyo for the title of
Least expensive city to live in: Mumbai, India  At the other end of the spectrum, Mumbai, India, is the cheapest place to live in the world, according to the Worldwide Cost of Living  Index 2014. For some perspective, a loaf of bread that would cost $3.36 in Singapore, would only cost $0.91 in Mumbai.
Country that consumes the most food: United States  I suppose there must be a reason why Americans have a food-related reputation when it comes to other countries: we eat an average of 3,770 calories a day each.
The  world's oldest city: Damascus   There's quite a bit of controversy over which city gets to officially claim the title of
Youngest country in the world:  South Sudan  The people of South Sudan were formally
recognized as an independent country in 2011, making it the youngest country in the world to-date.
The world's most visited city: London  After a several-year bout with Bangkok, London has  regained its place as the world's most visited city (according to MasterCard's 2014 Global Destinations City Index). The city sees about 18.69 million international visitors annually, generating $19.3 billion in revenue.
The world's most dangerous city: San Pedro Sula, Honduras  In San Pedro Sula, Honduras, there are over 3 murders a day. The violence stems from the city's role  as a major hub for illegal drug and arms trafficking.
Most caffeinated
country in the world: Sweden  The coffee in Sweden will put a spring in your step, and hair on your tongue. The Swedes consume an average of 388 mg of caffeine in coffee per person, per day (that's almost 5 Red Bulls).
Most drunken country in the world: Belarus  In Belarus, each person above  the age of 15 drinks an average of 4.62 gallons of alcohol every year.
The most bicycle friendly city in  the world: Groningen, Netherlands  By comparing cities along the criterion of average number of bicycle trips made daily, one city reigns supreme: Groningen in the Netherlands. In Groningen about  50 percent of the population commute via bike daily, making it the city with the greatest proportion of cyclists on the planet.
World's most energy efficient city: Reykjavik, Iceland  All of the energy and heat used by the citizens of Reykjavik Iceland come from geothermal plants and renewable hydropower, making it the most sustainable and energy efficient  city in the world. On their mission to be completely free of fossil fuels by 2050, the city has also been replacing traditional buses with hydrogen-fueled buses, from which the only emissions are water.
Most cat friendly country: United States  With a pet cat population of 76.43 million feline friends, the United States 
dominates the world stage for most cat friendly country in the world.
Most dog friendly country: United States  Similarly, America more than doubles the amount of pet dogs any other country has, with a dog population of 61.1  million.
Most sexually satisfied country: Switzerland  Switzerland might just be the most  progressive and least sexually repressed country in the world. Between liberal views on pornography and prostitution, and sex ed that starts in Kindergarten, over a fifth of the population consider their sex-lives
Least sexually satisfied country: Japan  With its extreme conservatism, Japan is the  country with the least sexual satisfaction, as only 15% of individuals reported having a fulfilling sex life. Furthermore, over 45% of Japanese women report being either uninterested in, or actually despising, sexual contact
Most  emotional country in the world: Philippines  Polling citizens in 150 countries over the years of 2009-2011, researchers found that the people of the Philippines were the most likely to respond emotionally to simple questions about their day.
Least emotional country in the world: Singapore   That same study revealed that Singaporeans experience the least emotion on the day-to-day. Only 3 out of every 10 reported having any emotional reactions to basic scenarios or when describing their days.
Country with the longest life expectancy in the world: Monaco  According to the World Health Organization's study from 2013, Monaco tops the charts for longest  living citizens, with an average life expectancy of 87.2 years. Men in Monaco live an average 85.3 years, and women live to an average of 89 years.
Country with the shortest life expectancy: Sierra Leone  On the other side of that coin,
the population of Sierra  Leone live to an average of 47 years. The men of Sierra Leone live to an average of 47 years old, whereas women live an average of 48 years.
Sexiest country in the world: Brazil and Australia   There will always be a debate about which countries are home to the most attractive people, in part because who's to say what is objectively attractive? Though the means are hardly scientific, a recent poll found quite a disparity between which countries  men believe are the  sexiest, and which countries women find the sexiest. For men, Brazil tops the charts for the most attractive people. For women, it's about the  thunder down under in  Australia.
Most stressed-out country in the world: Nigeria  By looking at the dimensions of Homicide Rate, GDP per capita, Income inequality, Corruption, and Unemployment, one  thing is clear: Nigeria is hands-down the most stressed out country in the world.
Least stressed-out country in the world: Norway  Along the same dimensions, Norway was at the far-end of the other side of the spectrum, and is deemed the least  stressed-out country in the world.
Country with the highest average IQ: Hong Kong*  There are a lot of factors that can affect an IQ score,
ranging from national and personal wealth to simply who makes the test. As a result, these findings are highly controversial, but seem to suggest that Hong Kong is the country* with the highest IQ, at an average of 107 points.   *Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China meaning that it falls within the sovereignty of the People's  Republic of China, yet does not form part of Mainland China, and has  it's own government.
Country with the
lowest average IQ: Equatorial Guinea  According to
World's most well-connected city (for internet): Seoul, South Korea   Surprisingly, despite it's 618 million internet users  spending an average of 18.7 hours a  week surfing the net, China didn't even make the top 10. Along the dimensions of average connection speed, availability (weighted towards free access), openness to innovation, support of public data, and privacy/security, Seoul in South Korea is the champion of internet-connectedness. With 10,000 government supported free  WiFi spots dotting the city, and an internet speed that goes unchallenged globally, Seoul is an internet junkie's paradise.
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