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USA - 100 years ago!!!

USA - 100 years ago!!!
Note how sharp and clear most of the photos are and these are over 100 years old. There aren't many old photos as good, remember they didn't have film or digital photo cards those days. Most probable is that these were glass plate images and taken through a pin hole type camera and the opening was timed just right to get a dark enough exposure. Developing was another tedious task as they had to be careful not to break the glass!
American Cities a Century ago
Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, in 1917.
Atlantic City, 1910.
The main street of Memphis, north of Avenue Gayoso, 1910.
Station “Louisville-Nashville,” Florida, in 1910.
Forsyth Street, Jacksonville, Florida, in 1910. Love those cars.
 The beach in Atlantic City, 1915.
Grant Avenue after an earthquake in San Francisco in 1906.
Carts for transporting dairy Thompson , Washington , 1927.How in the world did the dairy get those horses so evenly lined up.

Washington, DC, 1914. Not so thoughty having those horses run on a railroad tracks. (thoughty? Must have been a popular word back in the day)
Cadillac Square, Detroit , Michigan, 1916.
Ninth Street, Washington DC, 1915.
Main Street, Richmond, VA
Corner of Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street , New York , 1910.
Broad Street north of Spruce Street , Philadelphia ,1905.
View of Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn in 1909.
 Sub-Way Fire at 55th Street , New York , 1914.
Fifth Avenue, New York , 1913.
Wabash Avenue, Chicago , 1907.
The New York Public Library, New York, 1915.
Wall Street, New York ,1911. The 2 sidewalks together are as wide as the street in this pic. 
Fifth Avenue, New York , 1913. Look at those top hats!
Manhattan, 1907.
The northern part of Fifth Avenue , New York, 1913.
City Hall in New York .
Dexter  Avenue and the Capitol, Montgomery, Alabama, in 1906.
Valnut  Street, Cincinnati , Ohio, 1910 (that's Walnut Street )
Washington, DC, 1913.
Broadway and the building of “The Times,” New York , 1915.
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